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Wera 967/9 Torx L-Key Set with Ball ends - XL Multicolour

Wera 967/9 Torx L-Key Set with Ball ends - XL Multicolour

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Zipp & Extralite stems, new Shimano (and other) chainring bolts, Campagnolo fasteners, the list goes on of components requiring Torx keys.

Buy these and have them for the rest of your life. Buggering up your stem bolts and T30 Shimano crank bolts will become of thing of your past.

Colour coded, convenient plastic sleeve ensures that the tool is quickly to hand and the ergonomic and pleasant handle is easy on the hands even at low temperatures.

The wear-resistant clip material ensures secure storage of the L-keys as well as simple removal.

The BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, and a long service life. Laser-engraved and thereby wear-resistant size markings on the L-keys for rapid accessing.

What you get:

1 x TX8 x 90mm
1 x TX9 x 101mm
1 x TX10 x 112mm
1 x TX20 x 137mm
1 x TX25 x 154mm
1 x TX27 x 172mm
1 x TX30  x 195mm
1 x TX40 x 224mm
1 x Plastic little organiser holder thing


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