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TIME Alpe D'Huez Disc Road Frameset Gloss V21 Carbon/White

TIME Alpe D'Huez Disc Road Frameset Gloss V21 Carbon/White

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The Alpe d’Huez Disc rider is looking for top performance, cutting-edge materials, stiffness and precision. Any rider looking to step away from the anonymity of the mainstream will love the engineering and panache of the AdH Disc.

Dyneema® fiber is 15x stronger than steel at the same weight and is so light that it floats on water. The promise of integrating Dyneema® in carbon structures has been making headlines for years now, but to date very few manufacturers have been able to incorporate the material. 

TIME is different - not reliant on materials availability from large carbon prepreg manufacturers. By weaving their own braided carbon structures (BCS) they've been able to test strands of sustainable Bio-Based Dyneema® fibres since they first became available from DSM.

And unlike the high temperature ovens used to cure standard prepreg frames, the lower resin temperature of the RTM injection process is well within the safe temperature range for


• Integrated cables for electronic shift systems • Lustrous ‘Chroma’ multi-stage colour

What's Included:

• DEDA S DCR Headset for Semi & Fully Integrated Cockpits

• TIME Derailleur Mount Cover (for 1X Drivetrains)

• Front and Rear Thru Axles • Integrated Seat post Clamp

• Alloy Bottle Bolts


The included DEDA S-DCR headset is compatible with standard stems and handlebars for semi-integrated setup or add a full DCR headset cover/stem/bar available from DEDA to finish your TIME with fully-integrated cables and brake hoses.


With the included TIME Derailleur Mount Cover, your 1X setup will look as slick and finished as the rest of your bike. Full compatibility with single and double–ring drivetrains doesn’t mean making a visual compromise.


With 20x the fatigue life of steel or alloy, TIME use forged carbon where others spec heavier aluminum parts. A 60% fiber content allows drilling and threading without cracking, processes that are much more challenging with prepreg construction.

Claimed raw frame weight is 875 grams and the forks come in at 385 grams. Each finish can add anywhere between 30 - 60 grams, with the black/clearcoat the lightest option.
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