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Silca Ultimate Bike Wash

Silca Ultimate Bike Wash

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Embrace an eco-conscious bubble bath for your bike, bidding farewell to micro-scratches. Let advanced surfactants effortlessly lift grime and dirt from your frame.

Gently scrub with a sponge or soft brush, then rinse with water.

Experience the swift efficiency of Ultimate Brake + Drivetrain Cleaner, targeting brake dust, road grime, and oils within just 3 minutes.

Spritz onto brakes and drivetrain, witness the transformation as the formula turns vivid red, entrapping and transforming grime and oils for easy removal.

Thoroughly rinse.

Environmentally friendly, gentler formulas
Safeguards against scratching during removal by encapsulating dirt
Leaves no residue, ensures clean rinse
Infused with Cherry Glow Scent
High concentrate for superior cleaning power
16 oz. bottle
Additional equipment needed: water bucket, sponge/buff

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