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Shimano Dura-Ace C60 Carbon Disc Tubeless Wheelset 9270

Shimano Dura-Ace C60 Carbon Disc Tubeless Wheelset 9270

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DURA-ACE R9200: Crafted without compromise, Shimano's exploration into the realm of speed advancements has reached unparalleled heights. The newly reimagined DURA-ACE groupset stands as a testament to Shimano's unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of speed to the next echelon.

Wheel System: Aerodynamics, Strength, & Lightweightness The conclusive aspect in the pursuit of speed is the wheel system, serving as the ultimate bridge between the rider's input and the resultant velocity. Shimano has meticulously overhauled its wheel lineup by striking a harmonious equilibrium among three essential factors: reduction of aerodynamic drag while retaining control, heightened rigidity for enhanced power transmission through the novel DIRECT ENGAGEMENT hub, and construction that prioritizes diminished weight. Rooted in these principles, the wheel lineup encompasses comprehensive carbon offerings in both tubeless and tubular variations, setting new benchmarks beyond prevailing norms.

C60: The Aeronautical Alternative Within the R9270 series, the C60 emerges as the prime aero option, embodying a High Rigidity construct tailored for sprints and high-velocity pursuits. Its focal points encompass drag minimization, lateral stability, and enhanced driving rigidity advantages.


Depth: 60mm
Weight: 1609g
Speed: 12
Freehub: Shimano
Tubeless: Yes

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