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ROTOR Round Rings 1X Direct Mount

ROTOR Round Rings 1X Direct Mount

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The ROTOR Round Rings 1X DM. In the realm of pedaling, uniform force distribution remains an elusive feat. This realization spurred ROTOR to elevate conventional round rings, birthing their pioneering oval Q rings.

While the innovation of ovality takes the forefront, ROTOR recognizes the legacy of round rings and extends its product portfolio to encompass both realms. Witness the inclusion of 0% ovality noQ chainrings, tailored for compact cranks, encapsulating the inherent advantages of traditional round rings.

ROTOR Round Rings 1X DM features:

Weight 92g for 40t, 127g for 50t
Technologies Alu7075, CNC, Direct Mount, OCP Mount
Chainring Type Single
Compatible crankset 2INpower DM | ALDHU Carbon | Aldhu24 | VEGAST |VEGAST24
Discipline Road | Triathlon | Cyclocross | Gravel
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