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Prologo Dimension T4.0 Saddle - Black

Prologo Dimension T4.0 Saddle - Black

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Dimension represents a groundbreaking saddle concept that seamlessly merges comfort and performance.

The very essence of the term "Dimension" encapsulates the core essence of this endeavor: crafting a revolutionary product that excels in terms of size, design, and ergonomic contour – a versatile masterpiece catering to diverse disciplines and ideal for both genders. Dimension epitomizes comfort, performance, and feather-light construction. The ingenious fusion of a truncated front end (reduced by 35mm compared to conventional saddles) and the PAS system orchestrates optimal blood circulation and alleviates pressure, ensuring a comfortable experience even in aerodynamic stances or during intense exertion. The expanded seating surface (measuring 143mm across) facilitates a more equitable distribution of bodily weight. Meticulously refined through collaboration with elite international professional teams, the Dimension saddle guarantees universal suitability for every rider.

Rail in chromoly with an hardness ratio of HRC 39 with a tickness wall of +/-2 mm, T4.O represents the high compromise between mechanical features and high torsion ratio.
Cushioning: Foam
Material: tubes: T4.0 CrMo steel
Shell: carbon fiber injection
over: microfiber

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