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Obermayer Evo Disc Wheelset

Obermayer Evo Disc Wheelset

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The OBERMAYER EVO represents the evolution of the MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER, now available as a disc model. Its tubeless variant presents an optimal balance of stiffness and weight, coupled with exceptional heat resistance. Notably lightweight, the OBERMAYER EVO stands as one of the most exclusive and high-performance full carbon disc wheelsets globally.

Our engineers have meticulously designed the OBERMAYER EVO, leaving no detail to chance. The employment of LCC carbon, already proven successful in aerospace applications, adds to its credentials. The incorporation of the Active Foam Core technology contributes to weight reduction while enhancing rigidity and smooth operation. The time-tested rim-to-rim configuration, combined with the Lightweight Performance Shape, ensures awe-inspiring acceleration. Introducing the new Pentagon SL Hub, shedding 60 grams of weight, elevates braking efficiency and safety, particularly during lengthy downhill descents. The OBERMAYER EVO boasts a permissible system weight of 100 kilograms.

Experience reduced energy consumption during ascents and elevated braking performance on descents with the remarkable OBERMAYER EVO.

Weighing in at only 1230 grams, these are an "order in" situation... 

The maximum allowed system weight of OBERMAYER EVO is 100 kilograms. 

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