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Meilenstein 24 EVO Disc Wheelset

Meilenstein 24 EVO Disc Wheelset

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Weighing in at only 1380  grams, these are an "order in" situation... 

Are you in search of the ideal wheel to enhance your performance to the fullest? The MEILENSTEIN  allows you to trim down 170 grams per set when compared to the MEILENSTEIN, owing to an entirely innovative configuration of carbon layers. This has enabled a more refined utilization of carbon fibers and resin. This wheel, designed for the enthusiastic racing cyclist, provides reduced inertial mass, heightened high-tech features, and introduces a newfound level of agility. With this super lightweight wheelset, you're excellently prepared for challenging mountain landscapes.

Featherweight (Complete Set 1380 g / Front 650 g / Rear 730 g).
Effortless handling as a result of foldable tire compatibility.
Utilizes disc brake / disc brake system.
Equipped with 20 full carbon spokes in the front wheel and an additional 20 full carbon spokes in the rear wheel, enhancing stiffness and ensuring direct power transmission without energy dissipation.
Rim width measures 24 mm, accommodating tire widths ranging from 23 to 32 mm.
Incorporates an innovative Pentagon hub system in the front wheel, boosting braking safety, particularly during extended downhill descents.
Achieves swift acceleration through an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio.
Balances lightness and durability while maintaining precise alignment.
Optimal for race, road.

The maximum allowed system weight of Meilenstein EVO is 100 kilograms. 

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