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Magene L508 Radar Tail Light

Magene L508 Radar Tail Light

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Utilizing millimeter-wave pulse signals, the Magene L508 radar tail light features a 40° beam angle, effectively detecting trailing vehicles up to 140m, even around corners. With a firmware update, the L508 now offers 7 distinct light modes, catering to diverse riding scenarios.

The L508 delivers precise visual and auditory alerts from the display terminal, cautioning riders about approaching vehicles up to 140 meters behind, ensuring heightened situational awareness.

Weigtht: 65g
Wireless protocol:  Bluetooth, ANT+™
Modes: 7 Light mode(solid, flashing, pulse, peloton, quickly flash, rotation and single radar mode)

Battery life: 
4-11h (solid mode)
10-16h (peloton mode)
15-18h (quickly flash mode)
11-13h (pulse mode, flash mode)
10-12h (rotation mode)
19h (only radar mode)
3 months (standby mode)*affected by environment and temperature

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