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Ingrid Gravel Crank Set - Raw

Ingrid Gravel Crank Set - Raw

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From the initial conception of this crankset, Ingrid's endeavor has been to discover a novel approach to achieve simplicity, while ensuring an optimal balance between stiffness and weight, alongside unwavering reliability. Ingrid meticulously examined the intriguing "sponge structure" evident on the reverse facet. Subsequently, we opted to extend the dot motif to the primary side, crafting a design inspired by the iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. This crankset serves a versatile purpose, catering to XC, CX, gravel, light trail riding, and even accommodating bike packing and Grand Tour ventures.

 Includes spindle, does not include chainring.

Weight: 520 g (M cranks, L131 spindle, without chainring)
Cranks length: S - M - L
Spindle: 30 mm
K-factor: 91.5 mm (with L131 spindle), 96.5 mm (with L136 spindle), 101.5 mm (with L141 spindle)
Q-factor: 163 mm (with L131 spindle), 168 mm (with L136 spindle), 173 mm (with L141 spindle)
Chainline (1x): 49.5 mm (with L131 spindle) - 52 mm (with L136 spindle) - 54.5 mm (with L141 spindle)
Colours: Raw (no finish), Black, Titamium and Special colours

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