Cycling is the future of inner city commuter transport (with e-bikes expanding riders' range even further) but it isn't always easy to hop on your bike. We want to change that.

Wheely Convenient is a simple solution for commuters, racers, and casual cyclists who don't have the time for a traditional bike shop service. 

We practice what we preach by using cargo bicycles to come to you, an environmentally-friendly solution that doesn't add to the congestion already plaguing Sydney's roads. 

What began as a part time gig is now a full time affair.  We visit individuals around Sydney as well as businesses like Google and Optiver, and office buildings managed by the likes of property companies like Dexus, GPT, and Jones Lang LaSalle. We've fixed hundreds of bikes and have professional mechanic certification.

A proud affiliate of Bicycle NSW, Wheely Convenient wants to encourage people of all walks of life to cycle for fun and transport. In terms of both personal and environmental health, we think it's a no-brainer alternative to cars and public transport. 

People plus bikes will make Sydney a better place to live, work, and play. So let us help you get back on your bike!

Larry VS Harry's Bullitt Cargo Bicycle Is Our Mobile Workshop 

Larry VS Harry's Bullitt Cargo Bicycle Is Our Mobile Workshop 


Tony Twostroke


Harry Dunbar


Andy Eather


Bart Blakey