SRM Origin PM9

The most expensive power meter in the world: SRM Origin PM9

Priced the same as a lot of people's upper limit for an entire new bicycle, the SRM Origin PM9 power meter really is only for well-resourced enthusiasts and real athletes. But SRM did invent the powermeter so if you really want accuracy then this thing is the last word on the matter.

SRM Origin PM9
Pictured is the Origin PM9 in white decals with the titanium 24mm spindle upgrade, and LOOK Carbon Trilobe cranks. Our customer already had Carbon-Ti X-CarboRing EVO (4-Arm) chainrings from a previous round of upgrading and boy do they go perfectly with the SRM. The Trilobe cranks give you the option of changing your crank length between 170mm, 172.5 and 175mm simply by rotating some hardware where the pedals attach. With chainring bolts this set-up (not including the chainrings) costs around $3800 RRP.

This thing was super easy to set up with it's own (actually) easy to use App and no need for a magnet to be installed on the frame or via a chain catcher. As they are a pretty exclusive item they are generally made to order in Germany so best to allow for a 4 -6 week lead time. Yellow decals are also an option as are THM cranks for the true weight-weenies among you.
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